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Gitara was of the Blue Ajah and is the one who had the Foretelling that the Dragon was reborn. The other Aes Sedai present were Tamra Ospenya, Moiraine and Siuan. After her Foretelling, Gitara dropped dead and Tamra swore the others to secrecy. Thus began the hunt for the Dragon Reborn.

Gitara used to be the counselor to Queen Mordrellen, the mother of Tigraine and grandmother of Rand. She later became Keeper of the Chronicles to Tamra.

She has been dead now for twenty years. Gitara also told Tigraine that she must go live with the Aiel and become a Maiden of the Spear, or else disaster would befall the world. This eventually led to Rand's birth on Dragonmount.

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Quoting from Tamra in New Spring: "You will tell no one about this, not for any reason. If necessary, lie, even to a sister. Gitara died without speaking. Do you understand me?" How is it that Tamra can tell Moiraine and Siuan that Gitara died without speaking, when she knows full well that she did speak?
It's simple. It is part of her instructions. There are a lot, thousands of loop holes, about that thou will speak no word that is not true. This is part of her instructions; she is telling them what they are to say. She is not saying something she believes, and thus she was able to say it.
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