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Elisa is one of Egwene's sisters. Her mother is Marin and her father is Bran. Her other sisters include Loise, Alene and Berowyn.

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Heights of main characters?
Rand 6'6", Perrin 6'2", Mat 5'11.5", Aviendha 5'8"-5'9", Elayne 5'6", Nynaeve 5'4", Egwene 5'2", Moiraine 5'0"-5'2"
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Did Egwene as Amyrlin happen to be watching people's dreams while Rand was shielded? (Tries again) Since Rand was shielded and couldn't form any Wards on his dreams could Egwene have spied out that he was in trouble while in Tel'aran'rhiod?
Ah. Yes, she could have. The problem is, when you've learned that something is impossible, you have a tendency to stop trying it. She just didn't try to spy during the period in question.
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Just how can an Aes Sedai be a damane? Aren't they bound by the Third Oath: to not use the One Power as a weapon except to defend their lives, their Warder's life, or another sister's life? Wouldn't they be useless as damane to the Seanchan?
The Aes Sedai captured by the Seanchan are indeed useless as weapons, except against Shadowspawn or Darkfriends, because they are bound by the Three Oaths, and that limits their value considerably since being weapons is a major use for damane. Damane are used for other tasks, however, including finding ores for mining (Egwene was tested for this, remember; it's a very valuable, and fairly rare, ability), for some mining operations where it would be too dangerous or uneconomical to use human miners (bringing ores out of the ground and refining them using the Power), and in some construction projects, especially where something very large or with a need for added strength is envisioned. The first two both require a high ability in Earth, which has faded considerably on "this" side of the Aryth Ocean and to a smaller degree of the other side, but construction projects and others things, such as producing Sky Lights, are well within the abilities of collared Aes Sedai. The Three Oaths don't inhibit them there at all.
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Which characters did you find the easiest to write and which ones did you find were the hardest to write?
Easy and hard? I would say the most natural ones for me to write were Rand and Egwene. I’m not sure why. Perrin was very natural for me as well. The Two Rivers folk, the kids from Two Rivers that I’ve grown up with as my friends from high school that just feel like my buddies and think kind of…well Rand doesn’t think like I do anymore but you know what I mean. The hardest single person to write was Aviendha because Aiel are so odd and they think so strangely and getting her right I actually had to throw away two chapters. I wrote one from her perspective threw it away. Wrote another one, it wasn’t right, sent it to Charleston and said what am I doing wrong and they are like you are doing it wrong and I said I know, what am I doing wrong and Harriet gave me some pointers I tossed that one and wrote a third one and that is when it started to work. Tuon was not terribly easy either, but I had a little more practice by the time I wrote Tuon and so I got her on the first try but it was after a lot of research. So, there you go, Aviendha, hard to write, she’s crazy. She would say that she isn’t because she would say she acts the most normal of everyone.
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What went on with Egwene, Mat and Fain in the dungeon of The Great Hunt?
Most of it is fairly obvious, I would think. For the rest, you'll have to read and find out.
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There seem to be some time discrepancies surrounding the incident where Elayne and company Traveled to the Kin Farm. Did the gateway Aviendha opened to the countryside near the Kin Farm at the beginning of The Path of Daggers allow Elayne's party to Travel forward or backward in time?
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Why doesn't Egwene just Travel her troops to Tar Valon?
She needs the time to be in control. Otherwise she'd just be a puppet to others needs.
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