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Elnore al'Meara is Nynaeve's mother from Emond's Field. We find out her name during Nynaeve's Accepted test.

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Heights of main characters?
Rand 6'6", Perrin 6'2", Mat 5'11.5", Aviendha 5'8"-5'9", Elayne 5'6", Nynaeve 5'4", Egwene 5'2", Moiraine 5'0"-5'2"
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Rand recovered very quickly from his dual Healing...is this because of the way men Heal or because of the Warder bond...or both?
Partly the Warder bond and partly the kind of Healing that was used on him. It should be obvious that Damer Flinn has discovered the same method of Healing that Nynaeve uses and of course, he still is not completely Healed, remember.
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In the scene during which the taint is cleansed, Cadsuane uses a ter’angreal that detects the One Power being channeled and the direction it is coming from. She watches the ter’angreal, and when the enemy channels, she points, and someone attacks. Why doesn’t it point to the huge amounts of the One Power that Rand and Nynaeve are channeling — far more than the Forsaken are being pegged for?
Cadsuane’s ter’angreal was made during the Breaking of the World, at a time when men and women no longer linked, or at least very rarely, since male channelers were going mad at a rate of knots. What the maker was particularly interested in detecting was men channeling, but a man channeling in combination with a woman was, by definition, safe, because no woman was going to link with a man unless she knew absolutely that he was sane and not going to go over the edge into insanity while they were linked. Thus, saidin and saidar being worked in combination could be ignored, and in fact would be a distraction, since this was and is a warning device. Cadsuane’s ter’angreal won’t point to the two halves of the Power being wielded in combination.
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In [Crossroads of Twilight Ch. 12] Elayne mentioned that Galad fancied Nynaeve or had for a time. Did I miss something?
Galad did have a certain interest in Nynaeve early on. As sometimes happens, that interest has shifted. He is obviously not attracted to Nynaeve anymore.
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When did [Galad] have the attraction [to Nynaeve]?
In the beginning, when he goes to Nynaeve's room. At that time he was interested in her. And Elayne still thinks he is.
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Thank you -- I've really enojoyed the series and look forward to reading your current book. I'm having trouble placing the amount of time that has gone by since the early days when the Aes Sedai came to Three Rivers. How long has it been? Also, will Nynaeve and Lan ever get together, face to face?
It's about two years since the beginning. Roughly--very roughly. As to them getting together, read and find out, my dear, read and find out (he chuckled richly).
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Can you explain a bit about the properties of the World of Dreams? Such as when Nynaeve forced Moghedien to drink forkroot tea, which caused the Forsaken to fall asleep. But within that same book, the Wise Ones tell Egwene that drinking tea will in Tel'aran'rhiod will cause no effects upon the body.
It's a strong matter of belief. If you believe something like that will happen to you, then it can and does.
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How was Nynaeve able to channel Fire when she slept? (before Rahvin scene)
In Tel'aran'rhiod you can channel Fire. You can channel Spirit only from your sleeping body but being in Tel'aran'rhiod is different, and you can channel anything.
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You said time after time that Lan will die if Nynaeve dies. What about her? She's Aes Sedai, so she will live very long. And he's much older than her anyway. Would she be able to live without him??
Lan is undergoing the severing effect of his bond to Moiraine which means that he has lost the desire and will to live which is being restored to him by Nynaeve on top of which he loves her. If she dies he really really has no reason to stick around. As for Nynaeve, and Lan dying, women are always a lot tougher, emotionally, then man are. Nynaeve will cry for a very long time when Lan dies and she will go on living.
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Ask what the deal is with Nynaeve being able to hold half the power as ten sisters with a sa'angreal but not being able to handle two pussy little Black Ajah by herself.
Some people have shielding talents.
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Are there any channelers on the Seanchan continent that suffer from an emotional block like Nynaeve had?
Read and find out.
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Will Nynaeve be able to make cuendillar?
I doubt it, it is as much Talent as it is strength. And I don't think she has that Talent.
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Yesterday, you said something about Nynaeve that made it sound as if she doesn't have the spark. Does she have the spark?
Yes, she has the spark. The question seemed to me to be about the difference between the people born with the spark and those that aren't. Even people who are born with the spark are going to start channeling whether they want to or not. But Nynaeve did it through a conscious effort, really. It wasn't just happenstance that she began channeling at that point, she had a need to channel. Uhm, the same thing that happens later to Rand, by the way. Often the thing, that as I believe has been pointed out, often the thing that pulls someone that has the spark into their first channeling is a perceived need, when they channel without knowing they channel, not realizing what they had done, quite often. The, the people who are not born with the spark, can they channel unconsciously, can they, that is someone who can learn but doesn't have the spark, can they channel unconsciously? No. For them, they must have a teacher to guide them, or make a conscious effort, which is unlikely to succeed, but might.
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Maybe this is a stupid question too: but you told us that when you had your first thoughts about Wheel of Time Tam and Rand al'Thor were the same person. Now I have a question about Nynaeve. When you first thought about her was she the same person as she is now (did you already thought about her tugging her braid???)
Nynaeve in the beginning was actually going to be the love interest for Rand/Tam, but she was the same kind of woman - quickly temperamental and not suffering fools gladly.
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I find you characterization of the relationships between the male and female characters to be interesting, and amusing. Did you model Nynaeve after an older sister or other female that tortured you in your youth? :)
All of the women are modeled in one way or another after the conglomerate of women I've met in my life but every single one of them, EVERY one of them, has some element of my wife in her. I won't say what elements are in what characters, we'd get too far afield. I will say it has nothing to do with torture in that particular case.
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