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Lord Emarin is a noble of Tear. It was discovered that he would channel and his brother, Algarin, is the one who captured him and took him to the White Tower. At the Tower, he was gentled and lived for nearly ten more years.

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In Lord of Chaos when Elayne told Rand that Morgase and Tigraine weren't cousins, Rand felt really relieved. Was it because he thought there was something wrong having a relationship with his second cousin?
Well he's not sure exactly how close his relationship to Elayne might be, how close his blood relationship might be. That's what he wanted to find out. He's in love with her and he'd really like to get it on with her but on the other end, he thinks he's gotta stay away from her to keep her safe. And on top of that, if she comes to stay, and god he might be related to her, and you know, how close is he? What is the relationship? He doesn't know. For all he knows there might be some way that he's as good as her brother. He's gotta find out. But he's gotta find out without letting anybody know why he wants to find out or even really that he is trying to find out.
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What about those Warders in Caemlyn around Logain in The Eye of the World? Didn't Moiraine say that they were all Red sisters? Reds don't have Warders!
Moiraine never mentioned the sisters escorting Logain (not all of whom were Red). The ones with Logain weren't in Caemlyn at the time. Moiraine was referring to those that were in Caemlyn. There is something explaining this in Lord of Chaos. Remember that the interleaving of plot threads goes backward as well as forward.
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At recent book signing following the release of Crossroads of Twilight, it was reported that you confirmed that the Forsaken Demandred has never posed as the man known as Mazrim Taim, who was introduced to Rand at the beginning of Lord of Chaos. Have you confirmed that Demandred has never posed as the man known as Mazrim Taim, leader of the Black Tower?
Yes. Demandred has never posed as Mazrim Taim. All right, those of who fell over from the shock of a simple, straightforward answer can get up off the floor now. Sometimes, simple and straightforward can be the most devious of all, as any student of Aes Sedai will tell you. <Maniacal laughter from the shadows!>
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Was the "Don't Kill Rand" order ever lifted between Lord of Chaos and Knife of Dreams, or was it always in effect?
Yes, for a short while.
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Did the Dark One order Asmodean's death? If not, how does he know about it in the prologue of Lord of Chaos?
No, he didn’t order Asmodean’s death, but he knows a great deal about what goes on in the world, though it isn’t complete knowledge.
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Why is Perrin's horse in Lord of Chaos called Stayer and not Stepper?
Because it's a different horse.
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