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Black Ajah formerly Green Ajah. Of the Tower Aes Sedai. Captured and swore fealty to Rand at Dumai's Wells. Revealed to be Black Ajah in CoT. ; The only reason she wants Rand to survive to reach Tarmon Gai'don is so the DO can defeat him. Warder(s) Fearil

Elza is a member of the Black Ajah pretending to be Green Ajah.  Her warder is Fearil. During the split in the Tower, she sided with the rebels.  Shortly after the battle at Dumai's Wells, she swore fealty to Rand.  She says that Rand must survive for Tarmon Gai'don so that the Dark One can kill him and win once and for all.

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Crossroads of Twilight 12 A Bargain

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Was the Compulsion which Elza told Semirhage about, Verin's work from after Dumai's Wells, and was it Shaidar Haran who told her about it and to ask Semirhage to remove it?
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How did Elza defeat the wards on Cadsuane's plain wooden box?
Elza had been given knowledge of several rarely known weaves, and in other ways made into a tool of Shaidar Haran. Not all of it was pleasant for her.
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You mention that Shadar Haran has quite a few limitations on his power. Can you give us a few concrete examples of these limitations?
Shadar Haran needs a minion to most of his work for him. Elza was essential to Shadar Haran in getting things done.
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