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Aes Sedai - Black Ajah


A Black Ajah member that was part of the embassy sent from the White Tower to Cairhien, Katerine was captured at the Battle of Dumai's Wells. Fortunately for her, she escaped the Aiel camp. Her whereabouts are unknown.

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Lord of Chaos 19 Matters of Toh

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How did Katerine escape from the Shaido, and why didn't Galine escape?
Katerine escaped with the help of Darkfriends. Galina, who is much more closely watched by Wise Ones than Katerine was, would have little opportunity to use their help for an escape even if she wanted to, and she doesn’t, not until she can get her hands on that rod. She’ll put up with anything to get that.
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[I mentioned Katerine Sedai, 17 years Aes Sedai, 12 years Black.]
One thing they do, for instance, is watch new Aes Sedai. Sometimes women get past the final tests and then discover that they don't have anywhere near as much power and freedom as they thought they would have.
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