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Liandrin was the leader of the thirteen Black Ajah Aes Sedai that left the White Tower early on. Formerly a Taraboner, she is now a prisoner of the Seanchan, deemed da'cavole and chained as a damane.

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Points of View (4 Total)

Book Chapter Chapter Name
The Great Hunt 5 The Shadow in Shienar
The Shadow Rising 35 Sharp Lessons
The Fires of Heaven 13 A Small Room in Sienda
The Fires of Heaven 29 Memories of Saldaea

Interview Questions (2 total)

Question Action
Ask about the three White Black Aes Sedai in Liandrin's group when there should only be two. Joiya Byir (killed at Tear), Rianna Andomeran, and Falion Bhoda.
[Complete surprise.] "Really? Mutter mutter. Have to check that out."
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I'm curious, what happened to the Black Ajah's Warders? Did they kill them?
Those who did not die on the night that Liandrin and the others left, died not long thereafter. Not all of them had warders, remember. And not just the Reds.
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