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Short hair, and likes to dress like a boy. In love with Rand Can see auras and images around certain people, and they tell what will happen in their near future. Perhaps the nicest, and most decent acting female characters in the series.

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Points of View (20 Total)

Book Chapter Chapter Name
The Great Hunt 24 New Friends and Old Enemies
The Great Hunt 42 Falme
The Great Hunt 47 The Grave Is No Bar to my Call
The Shadow Rising 14 Customs of Mayene
The Shadow Rising 42 A Missing Leaf
The Shadow Rising 54 Into the Stone
The Fires of Heaven 6 Gateways
The Fires of Heaven 21 The Gift of a Blade
The Fires of Heaven 23 “The Fifth, I Give You”
The Fires of Heaven 54 Into the Palace
Lord of Chaos 35 In the Hall of the Sitters
Lord of Chaos 43 The Crown of Roses
A Crown of Swords 11 An Oath
A Crown of Swords 26 The Irrevocable Words
A Crown of Swords 27 To Be Alone
The Path of Daggers 17 Out on the Ice
The Path of Daggers 19 The Law
The Gathering Storm 23 A Warp in the Air
The Gathering Storm 33 A Conversation with the Dragon
The Gathering Storm 35 Prince of the Ravens

Interview Questions (11 total)

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Is there any relationship between Foretelling and Min's viewings? Or is Foretelling a Talent that only manifests in someone who can channel? Is Min's ability completely unique, or has it appeared in Ages past?
There is no relationship whatsoever between Foretelling, which manifests only in someone who can channel, and Min's viewings. There have been versions of Min's viewings in some previous ages, though not exactly the same. Min, and the sniffers, and Wolfbrothers appearing are all highly indicative, you know. New abilities, for this Age, are appearing, and that in itself indicates great changes coming. Great changes underway. Min's abilities will not remain unique; we have already seen one Wolfbrother besides Perrin and Elyas, though a pitiful soul who couldn't master his gift, and there will be other sniffers. The Age is changing. The Wheel never stands still.
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What is going to happen with Elayne, Min, Rand and Aviendha in their relationship? Will they all get along?
"Read and find out!" he chuckled richly. ;)
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I was wondering, can you talk about how your lead character would have not one but three true loves, and how does your wife feel about that?
Um, when I was much younger, before I met Harriet, I had two girlfriends simultaneously, who arranged my dating schedule between them, who was going to date me on which night. They chipped in together to buy me birthday presents, Christmas presents. You know, they just sort of shared me between them, you know. And they had been friends before, and I am not quite sure whether or not they made the decision they were both going to date me or not, on their own, before they first met me, it just came about. But I figured if I could manage two, surely Rand could manage three. Besides there are mythological reasons to have these three women involved with him. As far as my view on this, with Harriet, I have many more than three women, there are so many facets to her personality she quite often makes me dizzy, I am quite satisfied there. About how she feels about this, I suspect you want her answer, I seem to remember her saying to me, you do remember this is fantasy right? And I think it was an accident she was holding a carving knife to me throat, just coincidence, but I am not sure. Harriet: In four short words, I am not for it. Four and a half words.
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In Winter's Heart, Min doesn't recognize Birgitte, but they were in Salidar at the same time. What is the story there?
No story at all. In Salidar, Min knew Birgitte as a adventurer, you might say, but not until Caemlyn did she realize that Birgitte was, in fact, BIRGITTE BY GOD SILVERBOW!
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What advice would you give Rand concerning his relationship with Aviendha, Min, and Elayne?
Step very carefully. It’s hard enough for a man to deal with one woman at a time, since we aren’t really equipped mentally to keep up without a lot of effort. A man could get trampled very easily trying to keep up with three, not least because they have their own relationship with one another, and no matter what he does, he will not ever in a million years be able to understand that, or be able to avoid cutting his own throat on it. Luckily for him, I do, and I can. For him, anyway.
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Mr. Jordan, When ever a channeler draws on the Power, does he/she become temporarily outside the Wheel's control? I ask this because Min's viewings of Aes Sedai get fuzzy whenever they draw on the Power, and in Lord of Chaos Egwene, avoids Rand's ta'veren effect by drawing on saidar
Read and find out!
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Also, is there any relation between what the Aelfinn do and Min's ability?
No, there is no connection between what the Aelfinn do and what Min does.
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Do Min's viewings always predict the future, or do some tell about the past, mainly the seven towers around Lan in The Eye of the World?
Um, her viewings are always concerning the future.
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Do Min and the 'Finn do the same thing when predicting and answering questions?
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Are Min's visions absolute Foretellings or probabilities?
Her visions are absolute Foretellings. The problem is, she doesn't always know what it means. The only changes from that are two visions she's had which indicated the possibility of the future forking, an "either/or." And that's the only time she's ever had anything like that.
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All of Min's viewing have come true except one...does this mean she is no longer infallible?
No, it doesn't. And actually, that's not quite true, that all of her viewings have come true but one.
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