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A Gleeman with a lot of secrets. Master of playing Daes Dae'Mar the great game. May have a thing for Moiraine and might have to rescue her according to a vision from Min. Tall except for a stoop in his shoulder. White hair and mustache. Blue eyes. Used to be a court bard for Queen Morgase, and her lover. Had a nephew named Owyn who could channel.; The Red Ajah gentled him before they took him to Tar Valon, and left him to the mercies of his neighbors.

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Book Chapter Chapter Name
The Great Hunt 26 Discord
The Great Hunt 33 A Message from the Dark
The Shadow Rising 1 Seeds of Shadow
The Shadow Rising 14 Customs of Mayene

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Is Thom Elayne's and Gawyn's real father?
No. Absolutely no. No question about it. No. No. No. Thom is exactly who he says he is.
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Are you going to discuss Moiraine in the future?
Way to give me a great out. Moiraine will be mentioned in future books. […] In future books there will certainly be references. Her name will at least be mentioned, at the very least in the Appendix. In fact, I think in The Gathering Storm the entire letter to Thom is in the Appendix.
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There is a widespread debate on the internet: you mentioned some tales of times like Mosk and Merk…does it have any connection with America and Moscow?
Yes. I thought that one was very obvious. Harriet: Anla, the Wise Counselor, she was the most popular advice columnist in the United States. Do you know Abby and Ann[?]? You write to the paper with a problem, you know, “What shall I do?”, and she tells you. But her name was Ann Landers. RJ: And she was the most widely distributed advice columnist for what? 40 years? In the United States, and syndicated in newspapers all over the country. Anla the Wise Counselor was Ann Landers. ... I try not to throw in everything that that people are going to guess immediately. H: And Salya? RJ: No, let’s not talk about Salya. [Q confused]. Salya, who walked among the stars? Lenn, who went to the moon in the belly of a fire eagle? Yes? And his daughter Salya who walked among the stars? [much mumbling] No, she didn’t — she wasn’t on the Challenger. Sally Ride was the first female American astronaut. So, that’s Salya, who in this thing has become the daughter of Lenn, who was John Glenn, who did not go to the moon in an eagle, but flies to the moon in the belly of a “fire eagle”… H [interrupts]: And is relationship to Salya. That’s how it works. RJ: But that’s the whole thing, in these books: it’s giving you hints, really, and it was the way it was giving you hints, clearly, as to the way things are working in the books, that these are the source of legends, but it’s not in any way a straightforward retelling. What two or three men have done will be compressed to make one story, or what one man has done may be split up into two different men — this part’s given to somebody else, and that part’s given to that one - and he himself is completely forgotten. I put these things there in a way as a clue, a hint to you: this is the way things are working in these books, this is what has come of things that are somewhat recognizable from our time. What myths have risen out of them? So, you see how the distortion has happened. What myths are going to arise out of the events of these books? It’s not going to be just another telling of what happens in these books — it’s all going to be twisted and woven together in ways that nobody who was there at the events would ever recognize.
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Will Moiraine’s rescue attempt be in the next book?
You’re assuming that Thom and Mat will attempt to rescue Moiraine.
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