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Elyas is a Wolfbrother that Perrin and Egwene meet on the way to Caemlyn. He runs with a pack including Dapple and Hopper. He is a former Warder whose Aes Sedai banished him because of his ability to speak to wolves. His eyes are yellow. He mentors Perrin in the nature of Wolfbrothers.

Later, Elyas rejoins Perrin in Ghealdan and assists in the rescue of Faile. By then, Elyas has made peace with his past and Perrin has accepted his Wolfbrother powers.

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Is there any relationship between Foretelling and Min's viewings? Or is Foretelling a Talent that only manifests in someone who can channel? Is Min's ability completely unique, or has it appeared in Ages past?
There is no relationship whatsoever between Foretelling, which manifests only in someone who can channel, and Min's viewings. There have been versions of Min's viewings in some previous ages, though not exactly the same. Min, and the sniffers, and Wolfbrothers appearing are all highly indicative, you know. New abilities, for this Age, are appearing, and that in itself indicates great changes coming. Great changes underway. Min's abilities will not remain unique; we have already seen one Wolfbrother besides Perrin and Elyas, though a pitiful soul who couldn't master his gift, and there will be other sniffers. The Age is changing. The Wheel never stands still.
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Would a Gaidin/Warder be aware if his Aes Sedai was Black?
There are some ways that the Aes Sedai can fuzz, so to speak, the two way nature of the bond. After all, think about it a minute. Do you know many women who'd really like to have this guy looking over her shoulder if she was getting it on with somebody? This minute that she doesn't really want him to know what's going on, what she's doing, she can fuzz the bond to the extent that Elyas Machera has to ask whether the woman who is his... who held his bond has perished. He needs to know. He can't be sure simply by feeling because she fuzzed the bond after he ran away so he wouldn't know until she tapped him on the shoulder.
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In the books, Perrin calls on the wolves in times of need (rescuing Rand, searching for Faile, etc.). Do the wolves view his use of the gift as selfish due to his general theme of "help ME," "do ME a favor?" Does Perrin risk alienating himself from the wolves as a result of such actions?
No, he doesn't. Among wolves, requests for aid are common, though aid isn't always given. Witness how the wolves withdraw from Perrin when they don't want to talk about a subject. Of course, there are wolves for whom the whole notion of talking to men is anathema, but most know that according to their lore, it will be a human who can talk to wolves who will warn them that it is time for them to take part in the Last Hunt, their name for the Last Battle. They don't know whether that will be Perrin or Elyas or someone else yet to be revealed to them, but most of them value this return, as they see it, to a time when men and wolves cooperated in the hunt. This despite the fact that the reappearance of such people tells them that the Last Hunt is coming.
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First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. Jordan, for doing this. I have been reading (and rereading) the Wheel of Time for some time now. I am amazed by the number and complexity of the characters you have created for this world. Now my question is can we assume that most of the characters that we read about in one book and then disappear in the other books will make a comeback at some point? I am thinking about Elyas and Domon, among others.
Some of them will. Read and find out!
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If a Wolfbrother is reborn in another Age, will he be a Wolfbrother again? In other words, is being a Wolfbrother a trait related to the soul? Can women be Wolfbrothers?
Women certainly can be Wolfbrothers, though the term would be Wolfsisters. A Wolfbrother or Wolfsister reborn in another age would only be a Wolfbrother or Wolfsister again if that were possible in that Age. The ability to speak with wolves doesn't exist in every Age. In the "current" Age, it is a fairly new thing, appearing not too long ago. There are tales of it, sometimes just vague stories of people who supposedly "can talk to animals," without necessarily mentioning wolves, but remember that Elyas's ability was taken, at least by some Aes Sedai, as a sign that he was linked to the Shadow.
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