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Olver is a boy about six or seven years old. Mat discovered him and adopted him in Ebou Dar, and he has been following Mat ever since. He likes to flirt with women, and has a gaggle of uncles in the form of Mat's commanders to watch over him.

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Is Olver Gaidal Cain?
No. I didn't really think that this would last as long as it has. The timing is wrong. He has another reason for being there besides being a red herring, though. (Questioner: He's too old?) Yes. Time in Tel'aran'rhiod and the real world run at different rates, but it never runs backwards. You may spend an hour in Tel'aran'rhiod, and a day has passed when you get back, or you may spend a day, and an hour has passed when you get back, but you'll never go in on Tuesday and come back on Monday.
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