Crossroads of Twilight

What the Aelfinn Said

Characters with Points of View in this chapter

Name Class Nationality
Perrin Aybara (Goldeneyes) Soldier Andor

Interviews relating to this chapter

Question Action
Does the Snakes and Foxes game played in the Two Rivers have anything to do with the 'Finn? See Answer
Also, what was going on in Aelfland when Mat went round and round and round the same location? Were they traveling in time? See Answer
Did Lanfear get the opportunity to ask the Finns, to make a wish, after going through the doorway with Moiraine? See Answer
I guess most of your Aelfinn and Eelfinn questions are RAFO, but could you tell us why it was they didn't consider Mat's steel dagger to be a weapon, since steel is really iron? See Answer
[The Finns] don’t have power to affect the soul's capability of increasing its total channeling? See Answer
Do the Finns care whether or not the Dark One wins? See Answer
Are the Eelfinn limited in their power to grant wishes? To what degree can they affect the outside world? See Answer
The snakes and foxes seem to have a lot of powers. Do they also have the Power? I have two questions: can they transmigrate souls? Two: can they hold the soul of an individual they have killed. See Answer
Are [the Finns] related to Tel'aran'rhiod or do they control Tel'aran'rhiod? See Answer
Okay, well, then did Moiraine get the opportunity to make a wish [from the Finns]? See Answer
Do the Finns care whether or not the Dark One wins? See Answer
Also, is there any relation between what the Aelfinn do and Min's ability? See Answer
What were Moiraine's three questions that she asked the Aelfinn and what were their answers? If the whole answer is RAFO could you give us one Q&A? See Answer
Does the physical location of the world of 'Finns have anything to do with the bells ringing when the ta'veren were in together? See Answer
Can you describe the relationship between the Aelfinn and Eelfinn? See Answer
so the obvious question, where did the Finns get great stores of Ter’angreal, Angreal, and is that part of the Pact they made? See Answer
Have the 'Finns existed as long as the Wheel? See Answer
Do [the Finns] have souls? See Answer
Are the 'Finns from human stock? See Answer
Did [the Finns] originate in their current location? See Answer
The Finns reside in a parallel world, is that correct? See Answer
Do Min and the 'Finn do the same thing when predicting and answering questions? See Answer
So, how many Finns are there? See Answer
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